The Secret To John Wick Is All The Goofy Lore

Just watch the trailer for the first film: Keanu Reeves is living a peaceful life with a rad car and cute puppy, only to have both taken away from him by ruffians who are completely unaware that Wick is the best assassin to walk the earth, and that they ruined his retirement.

It’s a perfectly fine premise for an action movie, but John Wick goes much further, slowly revealing that it’s set in a world governed by an order of assassins with all sorts of arcane rules and systems.

Before getting into what that means, you should know that we’re going to have to spoil a lot of the first two films, but don’t worry: There won’t be any John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum spoilers here.

As central as it is to these films, they’re never sold as anything other than stories about Keanu Reeves reluctantly having to put on a nice suit and completely wrecking endless streams of dudes, often with guns.

By the time John Wick: Chapter 2 rolled around in 2017, the small details of the first film are fleshed out into an elaborate fictional universe, one where the real world is a front designed to secretly facilitate the work of assassins and anyone who wishes to employ their services.

Rules in John Wick are a great source of comedy, and the perfect excuse for ridiculous action scenes that span the globe.

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