Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles' Fielding Catastrophe Against the Indians May Be the Worst Play in MLB History

With all that in mind: This play, from Thursday’s Orioles-Indians game, is without a doubt the single worst, dumbest, ugliest, most inconceivable display of fielding that’s ever been recorded.

As you can see at its start, the score is 9–7, Indians, and Cleveland has the bases loaded with one out—and both of those factors are absolutely crucial in turning this from mere blunder to full-blown clown show.

But then Alberto compounds his initial screwup by stopping just shy of Lindor (who at this point has given up), not tagging him, and throwing to Chris Davis at first to try to get Kipnis, who’s safe.

Finally, after roughly a geologic ice age has passed, Davis whirls and fires home as Martín safely slides in to score the second run on what should have been a tailor-made double play.

The official scorer for this game charitably put this monumental mistake down as a fielder’s choice, which I suppose is accurate in that Alberto chose that particular point in time to forget every single thing he learned about fielding.

The only play I can think of in recent history that approaches this one for sheer stupidity is this utterly cursed flub by the 2012 Astros, right as that franchise began its steep slide into the pits of hell.

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