The Most Disastrous Cannes Walkouts of All Time, Ranked

In honor of Kechiche's reportedly terrible, certifiably pervy, protest-inducing disaster of a screening, here are eight other times Cannes audiences dipped on a movie—ranked from "good God, that was bad" to "people literally fainted and required medical attention."

So this movie is weird as fuck: Basically, it's about an alternate-timeline 2008 presidential election, set in an America that just got hit with a nuclear attack, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Justin Timberlake, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, made by Richard Kelly, who did Donnie Darko.

This one edges out Southland Tales only for gifting us the image of a bunch of people in tuxedos all jumping out of their seats in unison, fleeing a monstrous wave of jizz as it sails through the air in 3 goddamn D .

Roger Ebert called it "the worst movie in the history of the Cannes Film Festival," and—because it sucked so, so bad, and featured a lot of graphic sex stuff—a bunch of people got up and left during it.

And then, every time his name appeared in the end credits (which was often), they whistled some more, and gave voice to that French form of abuse that sounds like a cross between the lowing of a cow and the hooting of an owl.

Congratulations, Gaspar Noé: Your screening was truly, fully a shitshow, an event so deeply traumatizing that you left people in literal shock, gasping for air, receiving treatment from a fire brigade.

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