Elon Musk

The Morning After: SpaceX is launching 60 Starlink internet satellites

Neat features like a small front display and HDR video set it apart, and compatibility with its rival's accessories will make the transition easy.

According to James Trew, there are some glaring omissions, including GPS, limited voice controls and basic social sharing options.

The big bonus is video, as the X-T30 delivers crisp, downsampled cinema 4K with 10-bit external output and a USB headphone-jack option.

Now that SpaceX can reliably reuse Falcon rockets, part of its plan is to launch a network of satellites that provide broadband internet service around the globe.

Actually exploiting the flaw would require taking advantage of a very narrow set of circumstances, timing and relatively close physical proximity, so owners are still likely safer using the devices for login and phishing protection than not using them.

10 years after Google flipped the switch on Location History, we live in a sea of information where a podcast journalist can trace the explicit movements of a stranger accused of murder in California, all from the comfort of his own cell phone.

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