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The Morning After: Sony and Microsoft are teaming up

We'll have to wait until next week for SpaceX's Starlink launch, but, for now, there's a review of Beats new true-wireless earbuds and an unexpected online-gaming alignment between Sony and Microsoft.

The $250 Powerbeats Pro is a great all-around option for workout headphones, and the features, reliability and sound quality make it a solid choice for everyday use, too.

The two companies are planning to work together to build future cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure that will support gaming and content streaming.

The National Transportation Safety Board said in a preliminary report that Tesla's Autopilot system was active at the time of a fatal Model 3 crash in Delray Beach, Florida.

Data showed the car's driver, who died in the March 1st incident, activated Autopilot around 10 seconds before the collision.

In the approximately eight seconds before the Tesla crashed into a semi truck, the car didn't detect the driver's hands on the wheel.

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