The Google Play Console is getting Conditional Delivery, Internal App Sharing, new metrics, and much more

On top of that, this time last month, we noticed a new option titled “Internal App Sharing” tucked away in the Play Store’s developer settings.

Building on top of the Android App Bundle publishing format, which was introduced last year, Google is releasing new ways to deliver updates to users.

Conditional delivery — control which parts of your app to deliver at the time of install based on the user’s country, device features, or minimum SDK version.

Instant experiences is related to the “Try now” feature on the Play Store, allowing users to try a minigame version of the app before downloading the full thing.

We mentioned Internal App Sharing earlier on in the article as something we noticed a month ago, but at the time didn’t really seem to add anything to the Play Store.

The core idea is that you upload your app bundle to the Google Play Console and instantly get a download link to share with your testers.

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