The Golden Age of Ethereum: Cryptocurrency Prices Soar Amidst General Market Stagnation

In fact, if anything, Binance’s abandonment of the Ethereum protocol for their own coin should have made prices tank.

While most cryptocurrencies are stagnating now, a small surge in Bitcoin prices might be enough for Ethereum, who is among the market leaders.

In other words, this price surge on ETH could be investors hedging their bets in the less volatile currency in case we get another crypto bubble.

And in the stock market, sometimes a movement as small as a CEO mentioning another company can incite a price surge.

These other people then follow suit, because “if X is doing it, there must be a good reason.” Another variant of this is “If X supports Y it’s because he knows Y will be successful.” This train of thinking ignores actual facts, instead of relying on the actions of somebody perceived as successful.

They aren’t first in the market (that’s still Bitcoin,) and they likely won’t ever be, but over the last two years, ETH has only grown stronger.

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