The coolest thing I saw at Google I/O is a tiny chip that could eliminate smart home lag

Hubs also made it simple to control many gadgets in a single app, but smart speakers make this process even easier for the whole family.

Popular options like the Revolv have disappeared entirely, but smart speakers still haven't fully replicated the ability to streamline communication with small sensors so some hubs have remained.

Even if the shortcut works, Google does update the third-party cloud of your device after it has responded to your command, so your Philips Hue app will correctly show the current state of your lights.

After the SDK officially launches in October, you could suddenly find that all of your smart home gadgets start responding with no lag.

Once the kit launches, Google will be asking its partner brands to do the heavy lifting to implement it, necessitating a lot of buy-in before the SDK starts to have a big impact.

The attractive element of Google's vision is the lack of any new proprietary signal protocols and the customer-friendly plan of turning a smart speaker you already have into a hub.

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