Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers Made The Perfect Move Hiring John Beilein For Their Next Head Coach

Beilein has succeeded at almost every level of basketball, spending time leading high school, junior college and Division III, II and I programs.

Beilein joins Billy Donovan, Brad Stevens, Fred Hoiberg and Mike Dunlap as the latest college coach to take the leap since 2010.

While Donovan has been the definition of average with the Oklahoma City Thunder and Stevens has drawn criticism after this season with the Boston Celtics, Hoiberg and Dunlap both flamed out with the Chicago Bulls and Charlotte Bobcats in spectacular fashion, both returning to the college ranks.

Considered one of the elite offensive tacticians and teachers in basketball, Beilein's system at Michigan prioritized floor spacing and three-point shooting, essentials of the modern NBA.

Kevin Love is one of the premier stretch fours in the NBA and would thrive in an offensive system that rewards big men that specialize in floor spacing and backdoor cuts.

Beilein seems intrigued by the opportunity, as it has been reported that the prospect of developing Sexton and possibly Williamson is what made the Cleveland job so appealing to him so the sky's the limit under him.

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