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The Allegri-Agnelli summit will reportedly stretch into a third day

In the build up to the meeting between Max Allegri and Andrea Agnelli, the biggest thing the Italian press couldn’t agree on was what was actually going to happen at said get together.

We have yet to get any kind of definitive answers as to what has been discussed during the first two days of the meeting between Juve’s two biggest management names.

After today’s training, Allegri and Agnelli were joined by Pavel Nedved and sporting director Fabio Paratici, in order to evaluate the situation together and discuss the possibility to continue their current working relationship.

The club won’t issue any official statement in the next few hours, but more news on the manager future will come after the next meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

There have, predictably, been contrasting reports from Italian media outlets who are far from considered reliable as to what Allegri and Agnelli (and Paratici and Nedved) have talked about Wednesday and Thursday.

The one common factor in a lot of the reporting on Thursday is that Allegri, if he were to stay at Juventus for the 2019-20 season then he will receive a contract extension until 2021 in all likelihood and get a slight bump in salary to boost.

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