Taco Bell is taking over a hotel

IRVINE, Calif. — Taco Bell is opening a hotel — sort of — to give it an edge over other fast food chains.

Starbucks is tackling that problem with its elaborate Roasteries , massive stores that include alcohol bars, on-premise coffee roasters and casks, as well as special, pricey menu items.

The chain gave out free cash on Venmo in a bid to raise awareness for the program, while entering into people’s social media feeds.

“Venmo, to us, is becoming an untapped social network,” Curt Garner, the company’s chief technology officer, told CNN Business at the time.

In addition to spreading the word about its offerings, social chatter is also a source of ideas for Taco Bell.

With the hotel, it was “a buildup of things over the course of the past couple of years,” rather than a specific idea or request, said Alec Treffers, communication and brand experience senior specialist for Taco Bell.

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