Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry had a funny reaction to guarding his little brother, Seth Curry, in the Western Conference finals

Speaking with ESPN's Rachel Nichols , Curry admitted that in Game 1 of the Golden State Warriors' series against the Portland Trail Blazers, he had "mixed feelings" about playing Seth, especially when guarding him.

Curry recalled a play where Seth had a corner 3-pointer in front of the Warriors bench.

The dynamic has the entire Curry family split, with the NBA players' parents, Dell and Sonya, flipping a coin to decide who would wear which team's jersey to Game 1.

Despite the in-game competitiveness, Curry said he was rooting hard for Seth and the Blazers during their Game 7 win over the Denver Nuggets in the semifinals.

Curry said he hopes that, as the series goes on, the "weird" feeling of playing his brother subsides, but he's not counting on it.

Curry said he can't turn off his "human nature" to cheer for his Seth, even with the NBA Finals on the line.

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