Station 19 Season 2 Episode 17 Review: Into The Wildfire

Pruitt and Ryan had the honor of picking Travis up from his night spent in the drunk tank after brawling and putting in time helping others in the tent.

Warren's meeting with the superiors was nervewracking, especially when they decided to look into his entire file, including his past as a surgeon.

Miller Plus, Shondaland shows know the healing power of sharing a bed with your person during rough periods.

His happiness came in the form of the instant connection he made with the super hot, gifted, and deaf firefighter played by one of my absolute favorites, Nyle DiMarco.

If Gibson knowing sign language was surprising, nothing was more shocking than realizing Miller's new girlfriend he's obsessing over and infatuated with is Maya's ex!

Between the semi-closure, she got with Ryan, and the second near-death moment she shared with Sullivan where it looked as if they would make out in the pool underwater, their almost hookup was inevitable.

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