Sports The Thrones: Long-awaited 'Clegane Bowl' highlights The Last War on a fiery penultimate Thrones

Also, wild logic to think Euron could swim like halfway across the sea, wash up on a beach and immediately get into a sword fight with one of the most respected warriors in the kingdom... and almost win?

A lot was made of Cersei bolstering her defenses by hiring the Golden Company, a band of trained mercenaries hyped up as the best army money can buy.

I mean this absolute unit took stab wounds to basically every part of his body -- including straight through his brain -- and kept on playing through it with no signs of slowing down.

HBO Ultimately, The Hound knew he was all but beat when big bro pulled his signature "stick both thumbs through your eye sockets" move (RIP The Viper) and nearly made his skull explode.

That's when he decided his best course of action would be to tackle ol' big brother through a stone wall, signing both of their death warrants with a massive fall into a fiery blaze.

There's some neat poetic justice in the fact that The Hound, who has spent the entire series afraid of fire because of what his brother did to him as a kid, was willing to dive into an inferno in order to finally get his revenge.

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