'Arthur' Season Premiere Reveals Mr Ratburn Is Gay

The long-running PBS animated series “Arthur” kicked off its 22nd season Monday with the reveal that one of its main characters is gay.

They assume his significant other is a woman voiced by Jane Lynch, but she turns out to be Mr. Ratburn’s sister.

Later when they get to the wedding, the meet Mr. Ratburn’s actual significant other, his new husband.

Notably, the episode doesn’t actually use the word “gay,” but their relationship is clearly same-sex and it is treated, matter-of-factly, as perfectly ordinary.

The show drew praise from fans on social media — with some contrasting how “Arthur” handled LGBT representation compared to franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe .

Also, quite a lot of people were very surprised to discover Arthur is still on the air after more than 20 seasons.

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