Scientists develop Artificial Intelligence system to predict heart attack, risk of death better than humans

Artificial Intelligence overtakes humans in predicting death, heart attack risk  |  Photo Credit: Thinkstock

London: Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that is better than human doctors at predicting the risk of heart attack or death.

Google's search engine, face recognition on smartphones, self-driving cars and Spotify recommendation systems all use machine learning algorithms to adapt to the individual user.

Through repetition and adjustment, machine learning can exploit large amounts of data and identify complex patterns that may not be evident to humans.

The 85 variables were entered into a machine learning algorithm called LogitBoost, which analysed them over and over again until it found the best structure to predict who had a heart attack or died.

"The algorithm progressively learns from the data and after numerous rounds of analyses, it figures out the high dimensional patterns that should be used to efficiently identify patients who have the event.

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