Rick And Morty: 10 Movie Parodies We Hope To See In Season 4

That episode aired a year before Denis Villeneuve’s fantastic Oscar-winning science fiction masterpiece Arrival came out, so the show accidentally parodied it before it existed.

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar might not have been as instantly memorable or iconic as some of his other movies , but it was still great and offers a lot of opportunities for parody.

He spends half an hour on a planet where time is accelerated and returns to the ship to find that the kids he left behind on Earth are all grown up.

Under the Skin is a little-known arthouse movie from 2013 that mixes science fiction and body horror that would be the perfect candidate for a Rick and Morty parody.

So, if Rick, like Dave Bowman in the movie, went so deep into outer space that he discovered the true meaning of life (perhaps minus being reborn as a star-child), it would be momentous.

Rick didn’t care enough to help the Vindicators, but he’d surely get involved if someone had a plan to snap his fingers and wipe out half of all existing life.

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