'Riverdale' Reveal: The Gargoyle King Unmasked In Season 3 Finale

The season’s finish-line episode checked off all the boxes for a show, too, that yearns to be sleek, sugary, surreal, sexy, soapy, silly, and swooning – and to always look good doing it,

There was plenty of other business dealt with, as well, as the never-dull episode sprinted through twists and turns (and illogical leaps) like the most glamorous American Ninja Warrior contestant imaginable.

Blossom has another minion, too, none other than Black Hood, aka Hal Cooper ( Lochlyn Munro), who has lost a hand along the way (hey, just like Jaime Lannister!).

For the third season in a row, the mystery villain is revealed to be a local parent with a deranged secret, which makes perfect sense to anyone who grew up reading Archie Comics or watching Twin Peaks .

The episode was a big, frothy milkshake that might leave an uninitiated viewer with brain freeze, but for fans it was a satisfying meal with a cherry on top.

The Riverdale creative team, wanting a proper on-screen tribute to the popular Perry, will wait until early in Season 4 to directly address the absence of Fred, who has been “away on business” within the narrative of the series.

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