'The Purge 5' Sets 2020 Release Date

The upcoming fifth -- and likely final -- installment of the horror franchise " The Purge " finally has a release date, with Universal announcing that fans should prepare themselves to be scared silly next summer.

According to DeMonaco, this flick could mark the end of "The Purge" saga on the big screen (no word yet on the future of the "Purge" television series, which airs on USA network).

As he explained in his interview with EW, DeMonaco said he already had an outline for the film sketched out, and thought it would be "a great way" to close out the series.

"We want to end it all, I think, in this one, and I’m very excited," the filmmaker told EW.

"When I came up with the idea and pitched it to everybody, they seemed psyched, and I think it will be a really cool ending, how we take this one home.”

Fans will get to see DeMonaco's vision unfold for themselves next year.

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