PUBG Mobile Substitute in China, Game For Peace, Earned Tencent $14 Million in 3 Days

After PUBG Mobile was banned from monetising in China, Tencent's non-violent replacement is now the top-grossing app on the Apple Store.

PUBG Mobile replacement in China, Game for Peace, has achieved its targeted mission of aiding Tencent's monetisation issue.

As a result, it has earned over $14 million in just three days since Friday, according to reports on the internet.With China being one of the world's largest smartphone gaming and user base, Tencent was so far missing out on a massive revenue opportunity.

After its appeal for passing PUBG Mobile to be allowed to monetise in china failed, Tencent introduced a new game that was aptly named 'Game for Peace'.

This comes in the light of the Chinese government's decision to ban any content centered around violence, as well as political and sexual undertones.

It has now reached the status of near-pop culture phenomenon, and it remains to be seen how long does its popularity continues, before the first signs of waning appear.

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