Opera will support 'multiple blockchains' in its browser, starting with TRON

Opera will also add support for TRON‘s TRX and other TRC-standard tokens in its built-in cryptocurrency wallet for desktop and mobile (available on both iOS and Android ).

Asked if there has been demand for bringing TRON to its browser, an Opera rep told Hard Fork that “TRON is one of the fastest developing blockchains with plenty of dapps so it’s a logical step as we aim at growing the usage and ecosystem for dapps.”

Once TRON arrives to Opera, chances are we’ll see a lot more gambling activity on its blockchain.

“At this point we cannot disclose any more specific details regarding availability,” Opera told Hard Fork.

Interestingly, Opera also promised to “add support for multiple blockchains within the next 12 months.” Unfortunately, it stopped short of revealing the top contenders it’s considering.

In addition to releasing a suite of cryptocurrency and blockchain features for its browser, Opera also partnered with HTC to build a seamless wallet integration for the Exodus 1 .

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