Opera Announces Support for a Tron (TRX) Wallet. 300+ Million Users Will Be Able To Effortlessly Store TRX and TRC ...

The world famous web browser Opera announced that very soon it will introduce native support for the Tron blockchain.

The fact that it has native compatibility makes it extremely easy for inexperienced users to get involved in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The Opera team is not just looking to exploit the financial potential of a token, it seems that they hope to boost the use and development of DApps.

Right now, Ethereum is the blockchain with the most DApps in the ecosystem but Tron holds the title of having the fastest growth of all Dapp-oriented networks.

For the well-known crypto influencer, this partnership with Opera can be very positive for the growth of not only TRX but the entire Tron ecosystem.

That Tron was the second blockchain supported after Ethereum shows not only Opera’s confidence in this project but also Justin Sun’s success in promoting his platform among the entire developer community.

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