'From Not to Hot': Mama June Bawls During Argument With Boyfriend Geno Doak Amid Health Issues

During the episode Doak, whom Shannon previously accused of being unfaithful , refused to take care of her while she suffered several mini-strokes, according to Daily Mail .

At one point, Daily Mail reported, Doak threatened to leave Shannon, 39, for good if she didn't go to the hospital.

This particular episode was filmed not long before ' Mama June' and Doak were arrested following a call to 911 alleging that they were having a domestic dispute.

The outlet has since reported that their lawyer, George B. Bulls, filed a request to be taken off the case due to issues contacting the pair.

TMZ reported that 'Mama June' attempted to lift the order in March, with her now-former attorney arguing that it was a "misunderstanding" and she depends on Doak because "she is partially blind."

Mini-strokes occur when the brain is lacking oxygen, and are typically caused by a blood clot, Daily Mail said in its report.

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