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Nick Kyrgios slams 'salty' Rafael Nadal and brands Uncle Toni an 'idiot' over recent criticism

Nick Kyrgios has taken aim at ‘super salty’ Rafael Nadal (Picture: Getty)Nick Kyrgios has criticised ‘super salty’ Rafael Nadal and branded his uncle and former coach Toni an ‘idiot’.

Kyrgios, 24, clashed with Nadal following his victory over the former world number one at the Acapulco International in February.

Nadal accused Kyrgios of ‘lacking respect’ after a match in which he used underarm serves and his uncle Toni was also critical of the Australian.

The Australia also called out Uncle Toni over his recent criticism (Picture: Getty)‘This is dangerous,’ Kyrgios said laughing.

Kyrgios rates Roger Federer as the greatest tennis player of all time (Picture: Getty)In the interview, Kyrgios also reiterated his belief that Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time.

The Swiss legend holds more Grand Slams than any other male player with 20 and Kyrgios said: ‘He’s the greatest of all time.

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