Big Ten Conference

Nebraska Football: Cornhuskers Still Growing Rivalry Roots in the Big Ten

After 30 years helping to make the Big Ten one of college sports' elite conferences, Jim Delany will step down as its commissioner in 2020.

While Delany did right by the Huskers — many of those ways being financial — he made a notable misstep when welcoming the Big Red to their new home.

Delany, though, made Nebraska's 2011 Big Ten entry feel oddly synthetic, intentional or not.

To the Sooners, the Huskers were like fellow Vikings who shared a love of battling outside the gates of Valhalla before a night of celebratory drinking.

Right across the Missouri river, Hawkeyes chirp in oddly loud tones about the current four-game winning streak held over a team they affectionately refer to as "Nebby" for fans not interested in rivalry talk.

After Nebraska returns from its tilt versus Maryland on Nov. 23, read the news clippings, social media, and message boards from the two sides.

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