NCIS recap: Gunny's back, and he's awfully talkative

In the morgue, Gibbs snaps at Palmer and terrifies poor Kasie before McGee calls with a lead on Jordan McCarthy, one of Rick’s two surviving team members.

Calfa sings like a bird now, explaining that they used the stolen money at a Dubai auction house to buy the $2.8 million brooch that the king of Spain gave to Queen Victoria.

They planned to sell the brooch and go their separate ways, and the only person besides the three men and Lori who knew about it was McCarthy’s most recent squeeze, a “crazy Russian” he was getting ready to dump.

Torres stops Inga at the airport, and with her real accent, she confesses that she spent a year waiting for McCarthy to cash in and refused to be cut out after keeping that secret for so long.

At first, he says “nothing much,” but when she presses, he mentions that he got shot at a couple of times last week, hence the still-healing wound on his cheek, and he was recently accused of killing an ex-fiancée who he thought died in 9/11 and he burned Rule 10 to help Bishop.

This interests Grace, who calls the “don’t make it personal” rule a firewall that held back his feelings on the countless cases he’d handled over the years.

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