NASA places its first order for Lunar Gateway components

The Gateway, which has been planned for some time, will be a station that orbits the Moon and provides a jumping-off point for mission both to the lunar surface and potentially beyond.

Yesterday, NASA announced the first of the manufacturing partner who it will be working with to make the Gateway a reality.

In a press conference yesterday, NASA announced that it had struck a deal with Maxar Technologies, a Colorado-based company, to jointly develop some of the most vital systems of the Gateway.

“It will be the key component upon which we will build our lunar Gateway outpost, the cornerstone of NASA’s sustainable and reusable Artemis exploration architecture on and around the Moon.”

Over the next year, NASA and Maxar will finalize the design of the “power and propulsion” components of the spacecraft.

Once that element is built and launched, a long test period will see the spacecraft remain in space for up to a whole year.

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