McLaren's new GT has 612 horsepower and cashmere upholstery

"We didn't want a derivative of something that already existed," Ian Digman, McLaren's global head of product management, told me during a backgrounder for the new GT in Los Angeles, California, last month.

Unlike a 720S, the GT's exhaust tips exit below the taillights, and McLaren says it redesigned the airflow mechanicals to ensure the cargo are above the powerplant wouldn't be subjected to the engine's heat.

The suspension utilizes four-corner adaptive dampers with McLaren's Proactive Damping Control that can sense road conditions ahead and adjust spring rates accordingly.

McLaren also fits the GT with a hydraulic steering setup, which has been heavily retuned for this car, and uses a single software tune across all driving modes.

The company says the steering and braking have specifically been tuned to make the GT easier to drive at low speeds, without any loss of performance when things get more interesting.

The company is shy on specific details, but officials tell me the system will be "five times faster" than the current Iris setup, thanks to a much better processor, with standard Here navigation maps and real-time traffic information.

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