LIVE UPDATES: Early wholesale pricing suggests more affordable fish

By noon, Alaska Air Cargo is expected to deliver a total of 50,000 pounds of Copper River salmon throughout the United States.

"We hope to see 55,000 king salmon and close to 1.5 million sockeye return to the Copper River this season," said its executive director, Christa Hoover.

While KIRO news recently reported kings selling for nearly $60.00 per pound at a Bellevue, Washington-based QFC, other retailers such as Whole Foods and distributors such as Seattle Fish Co told IntraFish they were expecting their first shipment into the weekend.

Bill Webber, owner of Paradigm Shift Seafoods, posted a video from his vessel fishing the opening of the Copper River season Thursday morning.

Rich Wheeler, one of the owners of Alaska salmon supplier Sixty North, told IntraFish the season is already looking better than last year's, noting he was seeing kings in the water, and had already caught sockeye.

"Based on the recent poor chinook and sockeye salmon production, a conservative management approach will be implemented," the ADFG said Monday.

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