Lilium's latest flying taxi prototype can at least hover

There are a number of flying taxi startups out there, but Lilium has stood out with its unique airplane-like design and serious aeronautical cred .

In a video, it shows the craft taking off vertically, hovering just above the ground and then landing, complete with the de rigueur employee cheering and hollering.

At the same time, it can operate for a full hour with a total range of 186 miles, a lot more than EHang's drone-like craft , for instance.

The aircraft will have autonomous flying capability, but Lilium plans to have a human pilot onboard, as well.

The company believes that will make it easier to pass the notoriously difficult aircraft certification tests.

Lilium has already run full tests of its previous 2-seater Eagle prototype that include take-off, horizontal flight and landing.

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