Leading-Edge Law: Is Anheuser-Busch commercial telling the truth or is it deceptive?

The scene in the movie “The Pink Panther Strikes Again” where Inspector Clouseau is checking into a small inn is simply good humor.

For that reason, MillerCoors, the company that owns Coors Light and Miller Lite, is suing AB for false advertising.

I don’t know which side will win the lawsuit, but let’s use the occasion to survey false advertising law and to help your business steer away from expensive legal wars.

Under the federal Lanham Act, a company can obtain an injunction stopping false advertisements by competitors and sometimes can recover damages and attorneys’ fees.

While it would be gratifying to smite your lying competitor in court, if your company is the victim of a false ad, consider whether it would be worth the legal fees.

The corn-syrup ads are literally true — MillerCoors admits Coors Light and Miller Lite are brewed with corn syrup.

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