Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 24 Review: End Game

She can't possibly still practice law after confessing to framing someone on the stand (which is a serious crime -- why is she still free to go to a bar afterward?).

I know he wasn't the most popular ADA SVU has ever had, but I've liked him since his Chicago Justice days and enjoyed his relationship with Benson and especially with Noah.

Stone's complicated relationship with his late father and with his schizophrenic sister added layers to his character.

Benson was offended that Stone engaged in this ridiculous, underhanded plot, yet she did nothing but complain privately to him about his behavior.

Fin arrested some guy, and Rollins called Brooke into her office -- are we supposed to believe that EVERYONE except Benson was involved in a gigantic conspiracy to frame Miller so that they could get rid of him for once and for all?

SVU should be about rape cases and arguments between the cops and the DA, not about bizarre plans to trap an untouchable criminal.

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