Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi's free agency looms large over playoffs for rival fanbases

Those bitter feelings were expressed in early January , when Leonard made his return to San Antonio and was booed from the minute he stepped on the floor until the final buzzer.

Raptors fans have spent all season searching for clues, reading between the lines of what Leonard says and doesn’t say, looking for any semblance of proof that he is leaning towards staying in Toronto.

The Clippers have quickly rebuilt after trading away both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, and were a surprise playoff team this season, taking the Warriors to six games in the first round while building out a solid group of supporting players.

Melissa Stetten grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, played basketball in high school, moved to Los Angeles and became a Clippers fan during the Lob City era.

The Raptors are in the Eastern Conference final and they’re chasing two things: a championship and also the hope that an impressive playoff run can sway Leonard’s decision and convince him to return.

The answers to Leonard’s future will be revealed soon, and after an entire season of scrutinizing every possible sound byte and pre- and post-game interaction, there’s still very little for either the Raptors or Clippers fanbase to hold on to, making the process that much more excruciating.

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