Is Thomas Ravenel Still With Ashley Jacobs? 'Southern Charm' Personalities' Romance Uncertain

Bravo’s newest season of Southern Charm is set to premiere on Wednesday and there was one question on a lot of fans' minds, “Is Thomas Ravenel still with Ashley Jacobs?”

In its sixth season, the reality show chronicles the movements of various people as they live (and learn) in Charleston, South Carolina.

Ravenel, an original main character of the show, is facing sexual misconduct allegations and assault and battery charges, which he denied, and will not be returning for the new season.

Kathryn Dennis, a fellow cast member and mother of her and Ravenel’s two children, requested in court filings that Jacobs be prohibited from spending time with the kids.

Ahead of the Season Six premiere, original cast member Cameran Eubanks told The Daily Dish podcast that she was “shocked” to see Jacobs at a party.

“I figured the mature and the smart thing for her to have done after last year would have been to get on a plane and go back home to California, so when I saw her roll up at that party, my mouth was hanging wide open,” Eubanks said.

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