Internet-famous feline Grumpy Cat passes away at age 7

Grumpy Cat — the world’s most famous feline, whose frowning face spawned countless memes and an empire that includes plush toys, comics, books, calendars, perfume, sneakers, lottery tickets, and even her own Lifetime TV Christmas special — has died at age 7.

“We are unimaginably heartbroken to announce the loss of our beloved Grumpy Cat,” read a statement released early Friday morning by her family and manager.

Grumpy’s permanently scowling expression, caused by her underbite and feline dwarfism, made her a viral sensation — especially after her family posted a few videos of her on YouTube in response to Redditors’ accusations that the image was Photoshopped.

By 2013, Tabatha Bundesen had left her full-time waitressing job and hired Ben Lashes, a former musician who at the time managed feline internet celebrity Keyboard Cat , to focus on Grumpy’s career.

That year, an appearance by Grumpy at Austin, Texas’s South by Southwest Interactive festival drew hundreds of people who waited hours in line to meet her, prompting CNN, CBS, and CNET to declare her the biggest star of SXSW Interactive — over Elon Musk, Al Gore, and Neil Gaiman — and thus setting Grumpy madness into overdrive.

Over the years, Grumpy Cat became an icon, appearing on such TV shows as Today , Good Morning America , American Idol , and The Bachelorette and in publications like Time , Forbes , The Wall Street Journal , and New York Magazine .

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