Google opens up about plans for their Fuchsia OS

The truth is though that in this IoT era when everything is becoming interconnected and needs software to run, that the scope of operating systems and what they do is expanding more than ever before.

This is the idea behind Google’s long-in-development Fuchsia project which sees the software company develop a new type of operating system from the ground-up for a new generation of devices.

A new update from the company in a recent interview with The Verge has revealed a whole lot more about what their intentions behind the project entail, as shared by Android and Chrome chief Hiroshi Lockheimer :

The big objective of the experiment appears not to try and replace Google existing Android or ChromeOS software, but rather look to identify the best type of OS for other smart devices and see how they can optimise it t oxter for wearable technology or even the possibility of augmented or VR devices:

It definitely makes sense for Google to be possibly developing a new OS to cater for a new range of smart devices coming our way.

After all, Microsoft has been struggling for years to try and get one unified OS for all devices with little success, so Google may be onto something here.

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