Ford Recalls 270000 Vehicles

Ford is recalling over a quarter of a million vehicles in North America after discovering a flaw that could lead to the cars rolling away.

The recall issues are slightly different, but both result in owners being able to remove the key when the car is not in park (even though they might think it is).

As Ford works on a fix, it’s urging owners to use the car’s emergency brake.

The actions follow the recall of 100,000 Honda Ridgeline trucks earlier this year, which could catch fire if they were washed.

Included among those was the recall of 1.5 million F-150s due to a transmission flaw that could cause the vehicles to downshift to first gear with no warning.

Honda, last year, recalled 1.4 million vehicles due to the ongoing Takata issue, which looks to remedy potentially explosive air bags.

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