Elon Musks shows off SpaceX's 60 internet-beaming satellites packed together for launch

The satellites are the first operational units of SpaceX’s Starlink initiative, a planned mega-constellation of nearly 12,000 spacecraft that will sit in a low orbit above Earth and beam internet connectivity to the surface below.

The duo seemed to performed well, according to Musk and SpaceX investors, though the company did end up keeping the satellites in a lower orbit than originally planned .

Shotwell ultimately referred to this batch as “demonstration” satellites, which will test out how the company plans to deploy these vehicles into orbit.

SpaceX is just one of many companies eager to launch large constellations of satellites into space, in order to offer global internet coverage.

Companies like OneWeb, Telesat, LeoSat, and now Amazon are also working on massive constellations that would provide internet connectivity from low orbits over Earth.

But now SpaceX is poised to gain a significant lead in the race to provide internet from space, though it looks like more hardware upgrades are still needed for future missions.

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