Detroit Tigers News: Tyson Ross placed on injured list

Somehow, as we coast into the middle of May, the Minnesota Twins own not only the best record in the AL Central, they lead all of Major League Baseball sitting at 25-14 — even after the weekend series where your Detroit Tigers strolled into the land of the Purple Rain and showed the Twins what it sounds like when doves cry.

Mr. Hydes, a young gentleman who looks like the bassist for every terrible college jam band you’ve ever seen, felt a little put-off by the approach the Tigers organization took with him in trying to recover said baseball.

After a weekend of reflection — and ranting toward the Ilitch family — Mr. Hydes had a change of heart, and traded that ball for a grip of Hebrew Nationals .

Let us not forget though, that this whole saga was possible because we, as a fanbase, are more than willing to let trivial things such as this distract us from what was a truly horrible performance in Thursday’s 13-0 loss.

It’s a difficult reality to work in, but he is fully aware he is seen as an expendable piece, and not a part of the long term plan.

Nonetheless, the right fielder does his best to stay positive and find enjoyment in a game that, on the business side, hasn’t given him much to be happy about.

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