Creating Perfection: A musical breakdown of Allison Williams' symphonic horror story

The streaming distributor kept its dizzying horror-thriller from director Richard Shepard largely a secret, due to the complex web of spoilers that threaten to unravel upon any form of discussion, but this weekend’s premiere brings to light its dark tale of two musicians’ mission to achieve the unachievable: perfection.

The piano feeds the sense of unease as she spots a poster for the one she’s searching for, the cellist from her former academy who became an international success while she gave up everything to take care of her ailing mother, thereby giving way to the first twist from The Perfection .

One such piece was the cello duet between Charlotte and Liz, a frenetic melody that still throws the listener off balance with minor chords and striking dissonance, while the fast fingering of the strings mirrors the sexual tension building between the women.

It’s this movement from Mozart’s “Requiem” we hear playing over the car stereo as Anton drives up to the academy at night and sees Liz with a special surprise in the back of her trunk.

It’s incredibly visual and visceral, and I wanted to show that kind of effort in this piece; you have to dig in and sweat to make the cello work with these fast musical rhythms.

With all the narrative turns and surprises that arise the closer you get to the finale, Haslinger wanted to continue throwing the audience for a loop musically, hence the choice to feature hip-hop, a drastic departure from the classical space that became so toxic for the characters.

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