Cincy OL says NCAA denied transfer waiver because he didn't speak out about mental health soon enough

Former Michigan offensive lineman James Hudson’s transfer waiver was not granted by the NCAA.

Hudson said in his tweet that he had not been forthcoming with Michigan’s coaching staff about his mental health issues out of fear for being stigmatized and claimed the NCAA denied his transfer waiver because he didn’t say anything while he was at Michigan.

The NCAA has denied my waiver specifically because I never spoke up about my mental struggles to administration at the University of Michigan.

Now the NCAA is telling me that my courage to step forward and speak about my issues was done too late and subjectively my ‘Circumstances do not warrant relief.’

A spokesperson for Cincinnati said the school had applied for a legislative relief waiver on Hudson’s behalf.

Hudson, a four-star defensive end in the class of 2017 who switched to the offensive line in college, had been practicing as the starting left tackle with Cincinnati during spring football as the team hoped that he would be eligible in 2019.

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