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Center of the Sun: Can the Suns win the lottery two years in a row?

One way to speed up the arrival of that future is for the Suns to win the lottery for a second time in a row and earn the right to draft Zion Williamson.

Zion can start looking for a place to live in the area of whichever team wins the drawing shortly after the announcement is made Tuesday night.

If that happens, the Suns’ new front office’s job just becomes harder this summer as they try to put together a stronger, more competitive roster for new head coach Monty Williams .

I don’t know if Zion Williamson is the new Charles Barkley or not, but I think he’s awfully impressive and I’d hate to see the Suns pass on a great talent for anything less than a proven prime-age superstar on a multi-year contract.

Trading the first selection for a declining post-prime star (the Kevin Loves and Lamarcus Aldridges of the world) would be the kind of baffling misstep that could define a generation of ineptitude.

Zion’s high motor, athleticism and physical power allow him to constantly take advantage of mismatches courtesy of an offense flowing through a legitimate NBA point guard.

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