Blue Flower Moon 2019 Livestream: Watch May's Full Moon Live Online

Viewers wishing to watch the blue moon live online can do so below.

The livestream is provided by The Virtual Telescope Project, which is part of Italy’s Bellatrix Astronomical Observatory.

But as the U.K.’s Royal Museums Greenwich notes, this interpretation arose in the 1940s and was “perpetuated by radio shows and the Trivial Pursuit board game through the 1980’s.”

Spring began with the equinox on March 20 and will end with the summer solstice on June 21.

This relates to the traditional names once given to full moons by early cultures in Europe and America.

“In very rare circumstances, the Moon can appear blue, but in this case it is a colour added to the Moon by viewing it through a haze of dust particles in our atmosphere, perhaps from a recent volcanic eruption.

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