Atlanta Braves

Baseball Fan Goes Viral in the Worst Way After Being Cornered by Security for Sprinting onto the Field

A bold spectator at Wednesday’s Atlanta Braves game learned the hard way what happens to fans who decide to run onto the field.

The unidentified man has since gone viral on social media thanks to his daring sprint across the SunTrust Park outfield and toward home plate — which ended with him being tackled into the wall not far from the batter’s box.

Video of the incident shows a chorus of “oooohs” go up as the man (who had so far managed to out run and dodge around the gathering swarm of security) is finally physically apprehended.

The trespassing runner made his move in the ninth inning of the game, entering the field on the third-base side before making a beeline around the outfield in an attempt to avoid security.

The game’s announcers said the man would be detained by police, but his status after being caught was not immediately clear on Friday.

While the television broadcast cut away from the scene, video of the incident widely circulated on Twitter.

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