'The Bachelorette': Star Hannah Brown begins her unconventional journey; 8 men sent home

And Connor S., a 24-year-old who first made an appearance during Hannah's "Bachelorette" reveal, makes a grand entrance, hopping over the mansion gate a la Colton's infamous escape.

Demi Burnett and Katie Morton, fellow "Bachelor" alums from Colton's season, return to help Hannah weed out the bad guys: Demi reveals she got a tip from someone on social media that Scott, a 28-year-old Chicago native, has a girlfriend and plans to continue that relationship once the show is over.

After an uncomfortable back and forth, Scott admits to Hannah that he spoke to his girlfriend earlier that week, but doesn't "think this is someone (he's) going to marry long-term."

The first-night drama has mostly been squashed, but at a cost: It takes up a good chunk of time, and a handful of men lament that they didn't get to talk to Hannah one-on-one.

Now back on track, Hannah talks to a couple more guys (including Connor S., who gets the second kiss of the night) before approaching Luke P. again, this time with the first-impression rose in hand.

The sun begins to rise as Ryan, 26-year old salesman Matt Donald, 30-year-old "Box King" Joe, 27-year-old pilot Chasen, 27-year-old international basketball player Thomas, 24-year-old surfer Hunter and 30-year-old math teacher Brian are sent home.

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