Arrow Season 7 Episode 22 Review: You Have Saved This City

It started off amazing with the Slabside Redemption Arc being groundbreaking storytelling for the show, but as the season progressed and stories shifted, Arrow entered a downward spiral.

If continuing this arc with this organization is the route the show decides to take, I wouldn't be upset if she was the lead villain for this final season.

While many of our favorite heroes got to bask in the spotlight, it was Felicity who stole our hearts and crushed it into a million pieces mainly due to Emily Bett-Rickards beautiful performance.

The Monitor's appearance made the anticipation for the final crossover so big that any other story Arrow tries to tell on Season 8 may seem insignificant in comparison.

Perhaps I'm just expressing my feelings, but I know that at this moment all I want to see is that crossover, and Arrow's going to have to come up with one hell of a final story to keep me distracted long enough to wait for the big event.

Luckily, Oliver's badass offspring managed to save the day and Felicity was left without a scratch on her head.

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