Apple Watch

Apple Watch watchOS 5.2.1 Update: It's All About The Pride Watch Face

A recent update for Spring brought bright and subtly colored straps to choose from.

Last year, when the World Wide Developers Conference was taking place, a new version of watchOS was released.

Alongside it was a new Watch strap which cleverly matched the rainbow stripes onscreen in width and hue.

Well, this time, and some weeks before this year’s WWDC in Cupertino, Apple has released a new pair of Pride Watch faces.

AppleFirst of all, there’s Pride Analog, which has the rainbow twisted round into a curvy-edged oblong that fills the screen.

In which case, one flick of the Digital Crown in customization mode takes you to another analog Pride face, where the rainbow is perfectly circular and hovers in the middle, allowing room for complications in the four corners.

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