Colorado Rockies

Another Phillies-killer is hiding in the Rockies

They’re about being completely genial, normal people who for some reason walk into Citizens Bank Park and have their eye balls turn a hellish red, their mind fill with thunderstorms, and find themselves with a full body itch that is relieved only by beating the Phillies.

That defender who walks on air and the ninth player in history to hit 1,000 home runs for the Rockies.

While Arenado is an elite talent of the National League, and the future fantasy acquisition of Phillies fans who thought the Rockies would be too stupid to lock him up, he’s not the epic Phillies-killer you might think: .264 BA, .685 OPS and 4 HR in 40 games against the Phillies in his career, and merely a .197 hitter with a .585 OPS and 3 HR in 16 games at Citizens Bank Park.

Story will send an Aaron Nola fastball into the purple mountains majesty of Denver, and a grizzled old Blackmon will nod from the dugout, his Methuselah beard now a ghostly white; his callused hands resting on the walking stick he carved with his teeth out of the bat he used to kill the Phillies years before.

It’s no fun facing a Phillies-killer, especially after dropping three of four to the Ryan Braun and the Brewers, and especially in the midst of a tough stretch of series against competitors who are better than the Royals and all of the NL East.

He’s also not hitting lefties as well, and with Cole Irvin starting game one, there’s a chance Blackmon’s kryptonite will be on the mound.

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