Amazon leads $575 million investment in food delivery network Deliveroo

Similar to Uber Eats, Deliveroo provides transport infrastructure that allows restaurants of any size to offer customers delivery — without having to hire their own drivers.

Through the mobile app, users can see which restaurants are signed up to Deliveroo in their area, place their order, and track their food on a map in real time.

For restaurants looking to expand, Editions reduces the risk of setting up shop in expensive neighborhoods, as operations are based out of small huts equipped with the necessary facilities.

The concept highlights how businesses are evolving around the transportation network infrastructure enabled by the likes of Deliveroo — operating a delivery-only kitchen, for example, would previously have been much more difficult and expensive.

Amazon evidently prefers to bet on one of the existing players than to continue fighting three incumbents — and it’s clearly not going to invest in the publicly traded Uber or Just Eat, leaving Deliveroo as the obvious candidate for its cash.

“We’re impressed with Deliveroo’s approach and their dedication to providing customers with an ever-increasing selection of great restaurants, along with convenient delivery options,” added Amazon U.K. country manager Doug Gurr.

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