After All the Major Deaths in Season 8, Game of Thrones Reveals the New Leaders of Westeros

But the final episode of the series introduced a new gathering of leaders, a "council" of sorts, that has unified in the wake of the chaos spread by Cersei Lannister , the Night King, and Daenerys Targaryen .

Bronn of the Blackwater is given domain over Highgarden, Yara Greyjoy assumes rightful command over the Iron Islands, and Robyn Arryn is recognized as the head of the Vale.

Storm's End also gets appointed a key leader with Gendry Baratheon being recognized as a rightful heir instead of being a bastard.

Everyone other than Robyn has been shown to be level headed, so we look forward to the eventual Arryn's Rebellion in a spinoff that has yet to be approved by HBO executives — but they'd be stupid to leave this on the table.

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